This page uses a client provided by, a free service for joining IRC (Internet Relay Chat) through your web browser.

Some basic commands:

/nick [nickname] Changes your nickname to whatever you specify if it is not already in use. Please be aware that the name you choose may have been registered to someone else.
/identify [password] If you already own your nickname on OFTC, use this command to login.
/msg [nickname] [message] Sends a private message to the specified user with the message you enter.
/query [nickname] Open dialogue window with other user.
/join [channel] Joins the specified channel (e.g. /join #lor)
/me [text] Describe an action.
/ignore [nickname] Ignores a user in current channel.
/unignore [nickname] Unignores a user in current channel.
/help More help but mostly a repeat of some of the above commands.

You can also use a standalone client such as mIRC (Windows), Limechat (Mac), Xchat (GNU/Linux), or Firefox's Chatzilla addon (cross-platform).
You can connect to the server using a local client with following details:

Channel: #lor

If you need any further assistance please send an email to